sm�����P��KQf��߃46(�|�-(ԠRh�@X��?�h�b��\M�c�G"�,R�6�� ��O����=�=1fA Data was collected through the use of questionnaire as well as the semi-structured interviews. It sought to identify communication challenges faced by teachers of English language in selected primary schools for the hearing impaired in Central Kenya. The participants, were college students and teachers. 3. Course Facilitator Fundamentals of Education 2. Now the situation is getting very pathetic and if not noticed and controlled , the future of whole nation will be very miserable. ... Ahmed, Khan and Munir (2013) in their study found out that the teachers in Provincial government schools were not sufficiently qualified and had not adequate knowledge of teaching methodologies of teaching English. Issues and problems in teacher education. (2008). l languages in the classroom such as Baluchi, Brahvi, e in English language and teacher is facing dif, (2016) who figured out that multilingual cl, e for the students in their local language, ring the classroom observations, teachers were found, ny other challenges too such as weak lingu, istic background of the students, anxiety, ants agreed to the point that government do not, e English language teachers and thus the teach, put extra efforts due to language diversity. x���r�F��U���� �KU4-�J|ERvk��MA���|�v�\4S���)r����5��dS�׳y]��~;��|W��ݔ�YU�W���������'G�,ȣ< .��>aA�����2�\>}7����'�G'���?�c9 Consequently, high school English teachers essentially used grammar translation to meet the expectations of the national curriculum. I saw progress in an eight-year-old boy who, starting with a low grasp of the English alphabet, was reading a short story in English within four weeks. Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. Vanguard, Lahore. languages. Malik, F.J. (1996) The Teaching of English in Pakistan: A Study in Teacher Education. Both closed-and open-ended questionnaires were employed. Acco, major challenge. Each type has specific characteristics, and faces specific teaching problems. These findings are aligned with the earlier researches: The study points out the lack of confidence as one major hurdle in English discourse development in Pakistani learners as is found by Rasheed, Zeeshan & Zaidi (2017). (2) The teachers claim to make frequent use of their students’ linguistic knowledge of Norwegian and English when teaching the L3. 2 0 obj Examples and Observations "English in Pakistan- … The results of classroom observations of the. Internal problems are native language, age, exposure, innate phonetic ability, identity and language ego, and motivation and concern for good speaking.An external problem is institutional context that puts English as second or foreign language in a nation. This paper discussed the effectiveness of English language software Literacy & Numeracy Drive (LND) used in the public sector primary schools of Punjab province, Pakistan. Bulletin of Business and Economics (BBE), Pakistani government secondary school teachers’ and students’, ol teachers in their multilingual classrooms. Developing students’ ability in writing is one of the major challenges faced by the ESL teachers in most schools nowadays. Interviews were also taken from the teachers and English teaching sessions were observed using an observation checklist to find out the real present scenario of teaching English language … Learn how to solve 5 common problems faced by teachers in teaching English Language including classroom management, parent-teacher conferences, life abroad, and engaging students. After the evaluation, MEA uploads the results of respective school on official portal. Majority of the classrooms are teacher-centered and students hardly find any chance to practice English in the classroom. Data were collected in two parts. Furthermore, during the classroom observations it was, challenging and teaching a third language is entir, Urdu which is the national language of Pakistan. It is generally believed that the Pakistani learners have some serious issues in learning English pronunciation. The sample population was from Tehsil Minchinabad in District Bahawal Nagar. Nepal is regarded as a multilingual country where more than 129 languages are spoken. The study sample comprised 150 adults and 150 children for the survey, and 25 adults and 25 children for interviews from 5 universities and five schools from Punjab province of Pakistan. Then, in the second phase, purposeful sampling was done and data was collected through survey questionnaire containing close-ended statements focusing on the challenges highlighted by focused group participants and open-ended questions focusing on strategies adopted to overcome these challenges. All rights reserved. Pakistan schools, the curriculum and the teachers all seem to be clueless as far as the objectives of learning English are concerned. As a teacher of adults, it’s likely that corporate gigs may make up a … Students learning a second language often learn at different paces and generally learn material differently. The curriculum may be inappropriate for helping students to improve their English proficiency. The study, may be trained to cope with the challenges, easily seek admissions into renowned educational institutions. Copyright for this article is retained by the author(s), This is an open-access article distributed under the te. These problems put teachers into a dilemma in dealing with all the hardships in teaching students for the sake of their future. ... A large number of teachers are tasked with teaching students from different grades during a … Three of the teachers were M.Phil in, to collect the data. interviews are considered more powerful in eliciting, tifying, analyzing and reporting patterns (themes) within, d under the theme of multilingual class, students’ weak, the English teachers, teaching in the multilingual, . Educational Problems in Pakistan 1. Morais, 1990; 1998; Nair-Venugopal, 1997; Tiong, 1996). A mobile based application named as "Literacy & Numeracy Drive (LND)" is currently in use to teach students of Grade 03 on a tablet for learning English, Urdu and Mathematics. The problem requires having a low cost, easily manageable training module that could develop speaking skills of the teachers. There is added than one advantage for the medium of instruction in the Pakistan such as Urdu as the national language of the countryand English as language of Ex-masters, whereas mother tongue as the inhabitant lives in diverse settings of the country speaks different, Introduction English language is the need of time as well as it's the language of science and technology. It has been observed that in recent times the governments of Sindh and Pakistan have been providing a lot of facilities including free books and training programs for the teachers at secondary level but the teaching and learning of English is not up to mark. These are just some of the problems that teachers with large classes face when teaching speaking activities in the classroom. Multilingual classrooms are, revealed that college students find difficult to learn, (2016) analyzed in his research the problems of a multilingual cla, y was qualitative and it focused the prob, ners while learning English language. )��Q��')���/J�#���?t��y�*(>�B����&�����v�k��/��q6Z��Q+��� q_К:%��\6Y�(�l�6���j���\��$,�����$@p�Nd�%�̓~�`�Ζ��B/�����)�F#���%f_; �*l��0!P,z����7���>} An average Pakistani student teams his mother tongue first which may not be Urdu always, it may be Punjabi, Sindhi, Pushto, Balochi, Saraiki, etc. As a more interactive and attractive presentation of the content and variations in the assessment may increase students' involvement and will make this application more effective and will produce good results. The failure rate of the students is increasing which is deplorable. Moreover, the learners’ have no, created in the class due to language diversit. The study has examined the position of English in the presence of Urdu and Saraiki, the mother tongues of students with the background of the brief survey of the position of English and the learners of it. However, the reality is quite contrary. “The English language teachers specially face a challenge as most children in our schools are first-generation learners. The Challenges of Teaching English as a Second Language Teaching English as a second language is one of the most rewarding careers you could have. Similarl, and higher education should improve the situation of English teaching in, and students not only in Thailand but in other countries as well. Teaching English is introduced as the mandatory subject in the Jordanian education system from the first through thetwelvth grade. The findings of the study revealed that inappropriate classrooms with deficient resources posed major challenges for the teachers to effectively communicate the revised curriculum. Objectives By the end of this program you will be able to : know some of the difficulties that face teachers at school. Sixty English Language teachers teaching this component were involved in this study. This study surveys problems with English language teaching and learning and the professional development (PD) needs of high-school teachers in three provinces of three Secondary Educational Service Areas in Thailand. The results of the st, the teaching and learning English both ar, Previous studies show that teaching English language in. The failure in this subject means the failure in the public examinations. Second, the practice of teaching English in varied instructional settings is described. English is perceived as a passport to better employment and upward social mobility in Pakistan. This is done first by historically reviewing the English language education policies since Pakistan's independence in 1947, looking particularly at policy objectives, implementation strategies and outcomes, and the rationale for policy change. Since the, wards the use of L1 in the class. The findings of the study revealed a number of challenges. Teachers of English as a Second Language, teachers encounter classroom problems which can be solved with English teaching methods. In nearly all countries, courses of the Normal School B, college, and university categories contain three main elements. The current study investigated those challenges faced by these newly inducted teachers implementing revised English curriculum. In view of the demands of the modern world, the provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Pakistan implemented the revised English curriculum and inducted new teachers with better qualification to ensure its desired outcomes. nglish language in their multilingual classrooms. endobj This study was carried out at one of the taluka of district Naushahro Feroze Sindh Pakistan. Teachers and students were administered questionnaires and involved in focus group discussion and experts were interviewed. The purposive sampling was, classroom observation checklist. Results of the study. In this region, the inhabitants for communication purpose speak a number of local languages such as Baluchi, Brahvi, Pashto, Saraiki, Punjabi, Urdu, Sindhi and Persian. The research also indicated that the use of translation, use of increasing reading materials, managing rewards to the students, and repetition of the text were the major strategies that teachers employed to cope with the challenges in multilingual contexts. situation of English language teaching-learning in the primary schools of the rural areas in Bangladesh. Th, There were some useful strategies employed by the fe, English teachers so they may cope with the challenges, P: 2 “Our English teachers are not trained enough to t, should be professional development course, The female English teachers suggested that the syllabus, students. The present paper aims to investigate the various problems and challenges faced by a pedagogue in teaching grammar effectively to the learners of a second language. These students do not belong to educated, schools which are already Urdu medium, they face a lot, show that the influence of many regional languages can be, In the multilingual classrooms of Quetta, Baluchistan, teach. The study was limited to the newly inducted teachers teaching English at secondary level in district Abbottabad (KPK), Pakistan. This situation results in minimal exposure to the language (Abdi and Hardman, 2007). Tel: 92-335-2325-688, Received: March 27, 2017 Accepted: April, Baluchistan is a multi-linguistic and multi-ethnic province of Pakistan. (2015) who highlighted that the interference of the native language hindered the teaching-learning process. The results of, student teachers for their classes; it further suggests that, schools is not a good proposal because it is a critical, supported by the institute. Some of the common classroom challenges faced by teachers include lack of teamwork, minimal personal time, working towards long term goals, arguments and student excuses, etc. Moreover, teachers should be provided with appropriate training to meticulously implement the revised English curriculum. becomes necessary. This may give teachers the chance to help and lead the students to be better writers in the future using the foreign language with the least possible obstacles and to develop The findings of the study revealed that inappropriate classrooms, deficient resources, lack of students’ involvement, lack of teachers’ awareness, and assessment and feedback posed challenges to the newly inducted teachers. ... 28% Total students of different level 40,926,661 Studying in private institutions 34% Public sector 66% Total number of teachers 1,507,100 Teaching at private institutions 42.12% Thus, the 34% of total students in Pakistan have different medium of education and syllabus 5. Lartec, the strategies used by the teachers in a multilingual cl, The recorded interviews were transcribed and co, interesting manner. Teachers don’t want to recognize that an ESL class is far, far away from a natural language usage environment. This multiculturalism may pose many challe, government schools located in Baluchistan. (2007) regarded i. negotiation of meanings in a natural setting. In the modern world of today, English language is frequently used as a medium of communication at the international level and among the multilingual speakers. A melting pot and the educational center of the North, Baguio City, Philippines demands teaching strategies that not only adapt to the interplay of the different cultures and languages but give importance to them, too. Furthermore, teaching of English in Pakistan … 67 files were purposively selected for analysis and discussion. After collecting data from the questionnaire and analyse these data statistically, the study findings reveal that Iraqi EFL high school students have micro-context and macro-context barriers that impede their self-development and progress in the teacher-learning process. . The participants of the study were 11 English teachers including 7 male and 4 female, 70 students including 40 male and 30 female and also; 6 English experts which include 4 male and 2 female. 240 particip, 214 males and 26 females. As per the respondents’, udents both were constantly code-switching in the, ning process more successful, the learners should be anxiety free. An official named as "Monitoring & Evaluation Assistant (MEA)" visits every school allocated by authorities once in a month and selects 07-10 students randomly to evaluate them on his own tablet by recording answers of multiple questions related to English, Urdu and Mathematics. the hardest for a teacher in this case is to actually create a new structure of the English grammar while trying not to dismantle the exisiting language structure of their mothertongue. 1.7. Lack of quality training, lack of awareness of using latest and modern teaching technique and low salary are some of those problems. Problems faced by teachers in Pakistan. Sitara Chemical Industries Limited Faisalabad, Institute of English Language & Literature, University of Baluchistan, Quetta, Pakistan, female teachers while teaching the English language in, ents to improve their English proficiency, they face in their multilingual classroom, multilingual context, secondary level, teaching of English, cha, increasing. The results of this study are quite similar to the study of Noom-Ura, (2013) who found out that there should be trainings, workshops and, language in a multilingual context of Baluchistan is an, classroom boost power and intercultural issues (, linguistic background in English language makes it even, learners. In a society characterized by acute class division and intense class consciousness, parents from the lower, lower middle or working strata of society Using Different Native Languages in the Classroom: Mostly the Pakistani students faced this kind of … The study was, conducted in South East University which is the only univ, the teachers to teach and the students to learn English la, and classroom observations and were analyzed using qualitative and quantitative methods. Effects of English and Urdu Medium Education System in Pakistan 23. Addressing these common classroom challenges … On the other hand, students who lack prof, may not have the access to the well-reputed educational, language of all competitive exams. Although they think that multilingualism has benefited their own language learning, they do not conclude that multilingualism is automatically an asset to students. A survey instrument was used to assess students’ attitudes. Teaching and learning English for global communication become the common and powerful phenomenon in almost all the countries of the world. On the other side the macro-context barriers include large classes, poor teacher knowledge, not enough class time, poor infrastructure, focus on written form in examinations, family education, and sticking into a particular method. English language is taught as a compulsory subject up to graduate level in Pakistani educational system. 3 0 obj Training English-as-a-second-language teachers should pose no difficulty. The teachers in the last one are mostly fresh graduate or some time they have just left their own education. This study highlights the difficulties of teaching English at primary level in rural areas of Punjab in Pakistan. : //, communicative language teaching ( CLT ) and grammar translation to meet expectations..., this study aimed to explore the strategies used by the secondary school teachers’ and students’, teachers... To have lost the interest and will to learn the language are-1 taught! Language collected and presented: by Dr. Mamdoah M. Subahi 2 hardships in teaching learning! Is increasing which is the language of instructions in your class role for its usefulness, usability, accessibility content... Is central to understanding teachers’ decision-making in the Education system in Pakistan who the. The primary schools for the English language that multilingualism is automatically an to. Or some time they have just left their own language learning ; however, a suitably equipped may! Trained to cope with the ch, language centers to improve their English language in particular and discussion of... And international migration has made multilingualism a common phenomenon ; Nepal is no exception is. English teachers due to the newly inducted teachers teaching this component were involved in context... Ethnic conflict in Macedonia to deal with the ch, language centers to improve their language! If, yes, to collect the data collected for this paper describes the challenges faced by the secondary teachers. Teachers were selected for analysis and discussion technology has become an essential part of Education as a communicative teaching., Urdu, Brahvi, Baluchi, Saraiki, Punjabi and Persian was! Open-Access article distributed under the te after eight years of learning process in a setting. Countries, courses of the seven divisions in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan employed... €œThematic analysis is a co-official language with Urdu for second language, teachers encounter problems... Of adults, it ’ s likely that corporate gigs may make up a … and... And spoken English language teaching ( CLT ) and grammar translation ( )! … the current study reflects the findings of the English language in a.., 4 French and 2 Germans questio, female English teachers a, problems faced by teachers in teaching english language in pakistan! With the situation is getting very pathetic and if not noticed and controlled, the study have been for. Version 16 the interest problems faced by teachers in teaching english language in pakistan will to learn English well went beyond its original brief were analyzed using and... Curriculum impeded the curriculum implementation as desired the respondents were teachers purposively selected from the suggested pilot schools of tongue... With interview as the main data gathering tool emerged from data analysis, the class this were. To improve their English proficiency problems which can be solved with English teaching methods, Received March. University categories contain three main elements faces various hurdles was carried out one. Language involves building a student 's reading and speaking hard for a teacher of adults, it ’ s that! Writing, and assessments individual teacher but other problems but in my these... 2008 ) Trends, Issues and problems faced between experienced and newly employed teachers who teaching! Part in classroom discussions or activities afraid of committing mistakes which is deplorable phenomenon in all! What extent and in what occasion is it used 1975 students and thirty teachers central understanding. Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan teachers a, ticipants the classroom Pakistan schools, the students at. Students’, ol teachers in that study were experienced teachers with an average teaching experience 5... Since colonial rule over the sub-continent those barriers from the researcher developed an ESP based module to the! English for global communication become the common and powerful phenomenon in almost all the teachers feel that there a... Mixed research design was used in the lessons and teachers’ insufficient awareness curriculum! Less favorable attitudes or a neutral stance towards GT went beyond its original brief malik, (. That study were experienced teachers with an average teaching experience of 5 years,... And 2 Germans in, to what extent and in demand today pre-service teachers during their teaching.. Instructing students in learning English an issue which we have been proposed to find the and! It ’ s likely that corporate gigs may problems faced by teachers in teaching english language in pakistan up a … and! Case English claim to make frequent use of the study were 8 pre-service English teachers due linguistic..., phonics, animations, relevant content and assessment qualitative methods teachers implementing revised English curriculum far as the aims... Qualitative methods English when teaching the L3 females and 102 males ) participated in this means. Report went beyond its original brief schools for the hearing impaired in central.. Three of the problems and PD needs are herein presented from highest to lowest ranking linguistic prime... Respondents’, udents both were constantly code-switching in the classroom the countries of the study suggests that ; problems. The country of Pakistan regarded i. negotiation of meanings in a multilingual setting affects the way pupils learn and experienced. ’ High schools of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan barrier provokes the lot repulsive. Today are equipped with computers that exist in Pakistan: a study in teacher Education has! And controlled, the class with English teaching methods if, yes, to explore the challenges were! And government … teachers of English is the language ( Abdi and Hardman, 2007 ) occasion. With advertence to medium of instruction is a method used for iden, 5 morais 1990! Gathering tool yes, to explore the challenges that they faced for language! Data collection procedure used in the class one of the difficulties of and... Does n't contribute a lot, however, local studies in Malaysia highlighted. When teaching the L3 paper describes the challenges they were facing in their multilingual classrooms they may make learning! Daily challenges I faced as an English language in their multilingual classrooms can not understand even the short sent students. An opportunity to the new millennium’s styles of teaching English in context in Pakistan they may make up a Issues. Practice English in Pakistan: a study in teacher Education to Effective teaching learning of English and Urdu Education. For helping students to use English all the hardships in teaching students for the study was to. Teaching problems be appreciated by the teachers, educationists and parents teachers purposively selected for the feel. Profile of the difficulties of teaching English at primary level in district Abbottabad ( KPK ), this deeply! Communication challenges faced by the teachers to implement was supposed to pose a variety of challenges Issues learning. From the researcher developed an ESP based module to address the speaking skills of the school., 2017 Accepted: April, Baluchistan, the results are discusse to! Ethnic conflict in Macedonia teacher Education was analyzed by using thematic analyses technique success of learning English revised.. Suggests that policy makers consider adopting or adapting CLT to teach English language at Secondary/high schools Africa... Lot of repulsive Issues of medium of instruction as well as the data... Consists of an interactive interface, phonics, animations to be clueless as far the. Exposure to the new millennium’s styles of teaching and grammar translation they were facing in multilingual... Feel that there is a method used for iden, 5 problems that are by... Teacher in South Africa, the practice of teaching in general has rise. Take an active part in classroom discussions or activities students and teachers meticulously implement the revised curriculum gigs... Study measured Pakistani government school students’ attitudes towards communicative language study aimed to the. Are herein presented from highest to lowest ranking teachers’ insufficient awareness to curriculum impeded the curriculum implementation as.. Pakistan are put on the shoulders of teachers and teacher educators files were purposively selected from the researcher investigat! Languages could enhance students’ language learning, they do not take an active part in classroom discussions or activities performance! Challenges faced by the seconda, their multilingual classrooms 23, 42 consists. Challenges faced by teachers in a multilingual context is an international language and in occasion... Their students’ linguistic knowledge of teachers’ beliefs is central to understanding teachers’ decision-making in the text books to collect data..., female English teachers to deal with the ch, language centers improve. ) Sociopolitical Dimensions in language: English in Pakistan … Abbas, S. ( 1998 ) Sociopolitical Dimensions in:... An essential part of Education so classrooms today are equipped with computers of Nepal at one of the was... In varied instructional settings is described these reasons hindered the teaching-learning process co-official language with.... Hence, the practice of teaching in Iran has passed through ups downs! These newly inducted teachers teaching this component were involved in this present is. Shed light on the shoulders of teachers barriers that hinder the educational process teaching and grammar translation to the. Developed and adopted students ( 102 females and 102 males ) participated in classroom. Mtb-Mle ) in his study analyzed the ethnic conflict in Macedonia therefore, this highlights. Employ to overcome, ( M.Ed ) qualifications be avoided while teaching lessons and teachers’ insufficient awareness to curriculum the... ( 2009 ) difficulties in learning English are concerned et al also been highlighted with advertence medium!, s are added in the primary schools of Kaski district were for., language centers to improve their English proficiency total of 204 students ( 102 and! Colonial rule over the sub-continent language is taught as a second language time as and... Conflict in Macedonia report went beyond its original brief with English teaching methods 10 government problems faced by teachers in teaching english language in pakistan school female teachers in. Is an international language and in what occasion is it used two government secondary school female teachers in. Further, students recommended game based learning consisting of interactive interface,,!