Thanks for joining us for the Prayer Drive Here is your Guide to Pray around your community.

Please Note: There will be no official start time so just go whenever it works for you. Feel free to follow the guide as closely or loosely as you want but either way please be lead by the Holy Spirit as you do it and enjoy your time in prayer!
Also, let us know you joined the drive! Feel free to tag us on social media as you participate in prayer or email a pic to the church (

(If you are close enough) Stop by Gospel Mission Church

* Pray for continued leadership as we are navigating and adjusting to doing church in a whole new way. Pray for peace, wisdom, creativity, inspiration, and a fresh filling/empowering of the Spirit.
* Pray for continued guidance for the new building as plans continue to be drawn up
* Pray that God would use this time to bring people back to Him, that the lost and prodigal would reach out to God and return to Him.

Stop By Another Church

* Pray that God would lead that church and empower them to bring the kingdom forward, pray for wisdom, empowerment and blessings etc.
* Pray for the Church of this community that we would see a revival in the Body of Christ and have unity and focus in building God’s Kingdom together
* Pray for God’s Church that we would remain strong and connected as best we can given our current situation, that He would provide and make way for the churches who are struggling financially during this season.

Stop By the City Hall Area of your city/town

* Pray for our Local government, Provincial Government, and Federal Government as they navigate these unprecedented times. Pray for Wisdom, Guidance, pray that they would reach out to God in their lives!
* Pray for their well-being as people

Stop By a Business that has been affected by COVID-19

* Pray for protection and blessings on the owner and employees who have been affected by this pandemic. Pray for peace and wisdom to wisely lead their business.
* Pray that those who are laid off that they would trust God for their provision, they would experience provision and look to Him during this time!

NEED A BREAK? Feel Free to go through a drive-thru or a quick stop for a snack/drink. As you do you can pray for the business/employee and if you want to consider paying for the people behind you to bless them!

Stop By Someone’s House You Know (Pray for God’s guidance in picking a house)

* Pray for them! Feel free to call them and let them know you stopped by to pray. If you want you can also call them to pray for them over the phone or if they are home and willing/comfortable with you praying for them in person at their door, feel free to do that *If you do pray in person please respect social distancing and assume people want you to remain at least 6 feet apart

Stop by the Boundary Trails Hospital, and or a Senior’s Home

* Pray for strength, well-being and protection for the healthcare workers, thank God for their hard work and care they put into their job.
* Pray for the people who are there, many of whom see no visitors. Pray that God would be near to them, pray that they would experience God’s peace in a new way, pray against feelings of feeling alone or discouraged during this time, pray that they would reach out to God for their comfort.

Finish the Prayer Drive by Driving around your Neighbourhood

* Pray that you would be a light in your community and neighbourhood
* Pray that you would see opportunities to love and share the gospel with those who live around you every day