Men’s Sexual Integrity Courses

**Please note this course has started but we are still open for you to sign up and join

These courses both run together on one night. Worship will be together followed by the courses splitting up and watching their specific course videos.

In GMC we run our healing & integrity courses based on the reality that only Jesus can transform and heal us in the areas of purity and sexual healing (this applies to any area really). There is no content, sermon, video series, or method that can do that! ‘

These courses are chalked full of worship, prayer, bible reading, and safe & genuine fellowship. The two video series involved are:

Conquer Series: the conquer series is a course that helps build very strong foundations in purity.

War Path: for those who have already completed the conquer course: Warpath is a series that equips men for the battle to help them work to remain free from unwanted sins for life.

The Cost of these Courses is $30 to cover the materials received

The course will start on January 13, 2022, and is scheduled to run for 11 weeks. If you have any questions please email Kris at