Women’s Healthy Sexuality Courses

Women’s Healthy Sexuality Courses

Sexual integrity 101 is a course for women who are currently struggling with sexual bondage of their own; those who would like healing from sexual sin from the past; those who have dealt with or are dealing with sexual abuse.
Examples include fantasy, lust, pornography, masturbation, looking at media (books, movies, tv) that is over sexualized, sex outside of marriage, rape, molestation, incest
Minors aged 15-17 will be required to have parental consent.

Hope After Betrayal – a course for women who have been betrayed by the sexual sin of a spouse.  

There is healing for everyone affected by sexual brokenness and there is hope in Jesus our healer

We will be meeting for 11 weeks from Monday February 19 through to April 29, to deepen our relationship with Jesus and allow Him to do the healing.  

Our groups are completely confidential and anonymous.  What is shared in the groups stays in the group. 

Our evening will including one hour where we spend time in worship, hear a testimony, listening prayer, journalling and the last hour spending time in our small groups discussing what God is teaching us through our time with Him and the course materials. 

Each week there is a video to watch at home and some questions to answer so that you are ready to discuss what you have learned and share with your small group.

These courses start on Monday, February 19th and registration will begin at 6:40pm on the first evening. The course regularly starts at 7:00pm and ends at 9:00pm each week.  We will meet in person at Gospel Mission Church Winkler, in the Green Room down the Grow hallway. 

Cost for the course is $30 to cover materials. You can pay online or when you register the first night.

Please use the west end of the parking lot and entry will be at the door at the end of the Grow hallway.

If you have any questions, please email me at sheri@gmchurch.ca