Bible Heroes: Noah


  • Noah lived for 950 years, 350 years after the Flood!
  • Some experts say there might have been around 16,000 animals on the Ark.
  • The Ark had no steering wheel, God steered the ship
  • Noah and his family were on the Ark for 1 year and 10 days.
  • During the flood, even the highest mountain was underwater!


A hero is someone we truly admire for what they do.

Who is a hero in your life? What do you admire about this person? It could be someone in your family, someone at church, a friend!

What made Noah a hero? What makes you a hero?

Noah was a hero because he was a righteous man and he obeyed God!


What can you do this week to obey God even more/ to be more righteous?

Think of 3 things you can work on in your life to obey God better.


The Bible says that there were many animals on the Ark!

What are your 10 favourite animals?


God promised Noah that He would take care of him and his family. God also has the power to take care of you and your family. What needs do you or your family have? Take the time to PRAY with your family to ask God to help you.


Think of 10 ways God takes good care of you and your family!

Is there a time when God helped you in a really special way?

Share about that with your family & ask them the same question!

BIBLE VERSE: Take some time to read over this verse and memorize it!

1 Peter 5:7 Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you.

May Holy Spirit remind you & help you to be a hero this week by being righteous! AMEN.