Church Caretaker

Job Duration: 8, 40 hour weeks in July-August
Candidate Age: 15-30 years

Maintenance and Cleaning of the Facilities 

  • Building Maintenance:
    • Perform routine maintenance tasks, including but not limited to changing light bulbs, repairing minor fixtures, and addressing general building repairs.
    • Assist in monitoring and maintaining heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.
    • Conduct regular inspections of the church facilities to identify and report maintenance issues.
    • Help with minor construction projects such as painting, basic assembly/construction, ….
  • Facility Cleaning:
    • Work under the supervision of the custodian to assist in daily cleaning tasks, such as sweeping, mopping, and sanitizing common areas.
    • Empty waste bins and ensure proper disposal of waste in accordance with recycling and waste management guidelines.
    • Support in maintaining a high standard of cleanliness in restrooms, offices, and other shared spaces.
  • Yard Care:
    • Collaborate with the custodian to perform outdoor maintenance tasks, including grass mowing, trimming, and watering as needed.
    • Help ensure the exterior of the church facilities presents a neat and well-maintained appearance.

Community Engagement Assistant

  • Assist in the coordination and delivery of essential items to people in need, ensuring a timely and respectful process.
  • Work collaboratively with local agency representatives to address and fulfill the needs of the community members they serve.
  • Attend meetings and events related to the Care Collab initiative, providing support and assistance as required.
  • Assist in tracking data related to the Care Collab activities, including the number of individuals served and types of assistance provided.
  • Support in preparing regular reports for the Community Engagement Director, summarizing the impact and outcomes of the Care Collab initiatives.

Collaborate in Leading Monthly Community Meals:

  • Work with our Community Engagement Director in organizing and leading monthly community meals hosted by the church.
  • Coordinate volunteers and delegate responsibilities to ensure the smooth execution of each community meal event.
  • Engage with community members during the events, fostering a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.
  • Collaborate with local businesses, sponsors, and volunteers to secure resources and support for the community meals.
  • Contribute creative ideas to enhance the overall experience and impact of the community meals.
  • Work with the communications team to promote community meals through various channels.
  • Assist in the setup, service, and cleanup processes during community meals.

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